I would really like it if My Account had...

Allow the buyers to have a choice of either having hard tickets or have them emailed.

This would give the buyer the option to either have hard tickets or just have the tickets emailed. This would also give the seller the option to list the tickets as hard tickets and PDF at the same time. This is a win win for both since some buyers prefer to have hard tickets over the PDF and vice versa. This would also help the Sellers, because it gives more options for the buyer and would help sell more tickets.

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    Anthony shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Alex commented  · 

        Every UPS selection.. should be traditional hard ticket (not a printed PDF).

        If someone wants a printed PDF.. he selects Electronic

      • brandon jones commented  · 

        I agree that buyers should be able to search by "traditional hard tickets". When I get electronic tickets sent UPS I am ticked!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        There should be a way to monitor the sellers though. I paid extra to have 4 hard tickets shipped to me and instead I just received a PDF. Who gets to keep the extra money we pay if the seller changes their mind on delivery method?

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Need a check box for hard copy ticket stub. I paid for ups shipped tickets and pdf tickets show up. I could've bought better seats for cheaper and downloaded it myself.

      • Richard Hussemann commented  · 

        I am in 100% agreement, but having asked for this service for at least 2 years, one thing is clear. StubHub believes this to be too confusing and Buyers are not smart enough to figure it out. Those are not my words, but the words of reps that I have spoken with. I also believe that it's a win-win, but my opinion is that there would be a little additional work for the reps that is blocking this from even being considered. Seller commisions were lowered, so that does help the lost sales by not having the topic option. We must also keep in mind that ticketmaster is doing all that they can to take away this one piece of memorabalia that every paying fan deserves. Clock is ticking to never seeing hard tickets again and I am saving them like collector cards.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I totally agree with this option - it has to be a win-win.

      • AJY commented  · 

        It sure would make me more comfortable having the hard ticket in hand. I only hope my crappy printer hasn't made the barcode unreadable...

      • Matt commented  · 

        I just bought tickets for a memorable event... I have my tickets from the Home Run Derby... but no hard tickets for this VERY memorable event. Sux...

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I think MOST of you people are missing the point. All we are asking for is a CHOICE. If I am a buyer that wants to look for tickets that I can download, I will only search those tickets. If I want the hard tickets delivered to me, then I only search those tickets.

        On the other hand, as a seller, I would have the OPTION to list my tickets as electronic download or UPS delivered hard tickets, or both. We are not asking to change the way they are delivered. We are asking for the option to do it either way. Personally I think it would be worth the little extra time putting my tickets into a UPS envelope (that the buyer has paid the shipping for) and saving myself the God-awful MLB download fees!

        Just my opinion.

      • Alex Larson commented  · 

        This really shouldve happened awhile ago. My tickets i buy are mailed to me, but then they are also put into my university-branded\ticketmaster managed account where i can reprint any tickets i want. I did PDF files this year and hard tickets last year, but i feel like i should be able to give potential buyers the option, as some want the PDF files for the instant fulfillment and cheaper shipping, and some buyers want the hard copies.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I love this idea. First of all, if the buyer is paying for the UPS shipping, you print the label off your computer and you call UPS to have them pick the package up. There is no driving needed.

        Sellers should also be able to save the $1.50 per ticket download fee if they are delivering hard tickets to a buyer.

        AND, most parking passes do not have a serial number or bar code on them to sell on line so if we were able to send hard tickets, we would be able to get rid of a parking pass as well.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        No way, you can't unless you are nba or nfl season ticket.....

      • PN commented  · 

        Electronic ticket is the way to go, or at least having the option available to the buyer.

        Not being a seller, I don't know what one has to do when making their ticket(s) available on StubHub, or if their cost is different offering for sale one way versus the other but I'll offer a real life experience to show the benefit of electronic ticket availability.

        I leave on a business trip tomorrow AM. Spent a few hours yesterday looking for tickets to a couple of MLB games and an NHL game. Looking for single seats limited options, but I preferentially looked for seats that allowed for print ticket now option.

        One ticket I chose (based on cost and location), only had option to have the ticket couriered. It did indicate I should receive the ticket by today by courier, so I went with it. It didn't arrive. If it turns up tomorrow, I won't be here to get it. When I contacted StubHub it appeared a courier label had not yet been printed by the seller; perhaps the seller is not aware yet their ticket had sold.

        Thanks to StubHub's ticket guarantee, I was able to get a comparable ticket that I can print electronically. Unfortunately for the other seller, they just missed out on a sale.

        I suspect this is not an isolated incident. I don't know how this all works but reading some of the other comments it appears the issue is partly due to how the tickets are made available by the team/organizer for the game/event.

        As for the comments about buyers wanting to have hard tickets as a keepsake or souvenir, that's all well and good, but for many it's about getting to the game/event and being able to get in.

      • Chuck commented  · 

        As a seller, I use StubHub because of the convenience. There is no way I want to deliver hard tickets to a buyer. The idea of having to go to the post office or FedEx is absurd.

      • Sean Jones commented  · 

        I like this idea and have been asking for it for years. I'm glad to see that the idea finally has a audience. It's apparent to me that the electronic ticket is making the hard ticket market less attractive. So much so that SH has begun to allow electronic tickets to remain on the site until the event starts like LMS. I have a problem with that since many buyers wait until the last minute to buy electronic tickets and in many cases pick those tickets up from the LMS office. Those electronic tickets are still charged the $4.95 delivery fee versus a hard ticket at the LMS office which is charged a $15.00 delivery fee. This isn't fair since both tickets are being picked up at the LMS office. It's putting the hard ticket at a disadvantage. If SH is going to keep the electronic tickets up to the last minute and let the customer buy them at the LMS office and have them printed off. Once the shipping window closes (FedEx now UPS) - all tickets should be charged the same $4.95 delivery fee! :(

      • Mike commented  · 

        My customers love the hard tickets. They get into the staduim 1/2 hour before the general pubic, they get a discount at the team shop.
        MLB won't like it because you don't have to pay a transfer fee.

      • david the ticket junkie commented  · 

        this idea is not good for the seller because it increases the workload. i often have 10 or more sales in a single day and it would be difficult to get tickets into the fedex system on a timely basis. the emailed version also allows the seller to keep tickets listed for sale much longer than hard tickets. and finally, some teams are no longer using hard tickets for season ticket holders. email is the only way many tickets are available directly from the team.

      • danny mangelsdorf commented  · 

        was a little dissapointed thatbi had to pay to overnite tickets that werent even hard tickets i couldve printed myself

      • AdminStubHub Customer Service (Admin, StubHub) commented  · 

        Thanks for this feedback, Dan. It is certainly something to look into, though this is a very difficult option to impliment as the ability for sellers to get tickets in different formats is fairly uncommon, and may create additional confusion for those who are not as familiar with this process. We're always looking for ways to improve our services, though, so hang in there. Thanks, again!

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